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Japanese Anime Restaruant

Step Three. Choose your Toppings

Wood-Ear Mushroom                   £0.95

Enoki Mushroom                            £2.85

Seasonal Greens                            £2.45

Charred Corns                                 £1.85

Bean Sprouts                                  £0.95

Nori Seaweed                                   £1.15

Crispy Onion                                    £1.45

Vegetarian/ Vegan


Chashu Pork                                   £4.25

Traditional Japanese Style Pork Belly.  Slow-cooked to perfection then Flame Grilled.

Glazed Beef Short Rib                  £5.65

Off the bone, and cooked over 8 hours so it melts in your mouth. 

Chashu Chicken                             £4.25

An Uzumaki special chicken breast, served in slices.  Cooked in Traditional Japanese Chashu style.

Japanese Wagyu Beef                 £15.65

A5 Grade Japanese Premium Wagyu Beef Slice.

Ajitsuke Tamago                          Half/£1.85

                                                                                                   Whole/ £2.85

Traditional Japanese Marinated Soft Boiled Egg.

Menmma Bamboo                         £2.75

Traditional Japanese Marinated Bamboo Shoot. A Naruto Favorite.


Tempura Prawn                            £3.65

Naruto Maki                                    £1.15

Japanese Fish Cake.  Naruto is named after Naruto Maki!

Grilled Baby Squid                       £3.25

Step One. Choose your broth

Tonkotsu Miso                                £5.15

Slow cooked Pork Bones with Whole Chicken over 10 hours for that creamy marrow flavour with a hint of White & Red Miso Just as Naruto Like it!

Gyuniku                                           £5.45

An Uzumaki Signature Broth. Slow-cooked Beef Ribs with chicken over 8 hours with root vegetables. 

Shiitake Miso                                  £4.45

A traiditonal Japanese broth with a Uzumaki twist.

Dashi with Kombu, Shiitake Mushroom with Red & White Miso.

A discretionary service charge is automaticed added to all final bills.  To support our staff for a better paid to combat current economy inflation. 

Step Two. Choose your Noodles

Egg Ramen                                  £2.45

Traditional Japanese Handmade Egg Ramen noodles.  

Udon                                             £2.95

Thick-cut Noodles.  Perfect pairing with Miso. 

Soaking up all the broth flavor.  VEGAN*


Build your own

Choose your broth, Choose your Noodles, & Add as much or as few toppings as you'd like. 

Uzumaki 'Build your own' style ramen caters to everyone's unique Ramen style & budget. 

The more toppings you choose, the bigger and fuller it will be.  

Our Beef & Chicken Are all served Halal, except Japanese Wagyu Beef. 

Gluten-Free Noodles are available for customers with Gluten allergies.

Salted Edamame                             £3.45

Chicken Gyoza                             4pcs£5.45

Vegetable Gyoza                        4pcs£4.25

Wakame Seaweed Salad              £2.45

Rainbow Pickles                               £2.65

Food Wars! Karaage                      £6.95

Perfect bite size Chicken thigh fillet, double fried and topped with Spicy Chilli Garlic Sauce

Tempura Prawns                         3pcs£8.95

Deep fried Japanese Sweet Prawns. Served with tempura sauce. 3pcs.

Seasame Spinach                            £3.25

Lightly blanched Baby Spinach topped with sesame sauce.

Rainbow Veg                              £4.45

6 kinds of rainbow dried vegetables.

Teriyaki Salmon                         £5.85

Wild Scottish Salmon lighted glazed with teriyaki sauce.  Mixed with Sesame Seaweed

Sakura Furikake                       £4.85

Spring Sakura with Pickled Plum & Charred Corn.

Little Onigiri                               £2.25

Lightly seasoned with Perillo, served with pickles.

Itachi Dango

3 pcs sweet dango balls on a stick, topped with uzumaki taro sauce.

Served exactly as Itachi likes them! 


Mochi Ice Cream

>Japanese Matcha





£2.50 each


Ever wished you could munch that famous tricolour dango with Itachi by your side? Well, we can surely serve that dango…and who knows, Itachi may sit next to you one day too. 


Just like in all our loved anime. It's every hero & villains favorite Japanese traditional Rice ball.  Made with premium Japanese imported Rice & seasoning.


For extra chakra charge! 

Perfect bite size to compliment your ramen.

Uzumaki Unleashes 9 tailed Beasts Bubble Tea

Opening hours

Mon: Closed

Tue - Sat: 11am - 11pm

Sun: 12pm - 10:30pm

Kitchen closes at 10pm.


107 Great Russell Street WC1B 3NA

London, United Kingdom

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Signature Ramens

“I’m Naruto Uzumaki! What I like is ramen, especially the kind at the Ichiraku Ramen shop. What I dislike is the three minute wait after you pour in the boiling water. My hobbies are eating ramen. And my dream is to…be the next Hokage.” - Naruto Uzumaki


We serve our signature ramen bowls exactly like Naruto likes them. 
But that’s not all!
We went a step further and offer our Naruto & Uzumaki Ramen bowls in a Halal version too!

Naruto Ramen

Exactly as Naruto likes it!

With EXTRA Tonkotsu Miso Broth, DOUBLE Chashu Pork, DOUBLE Menmma Bamboo Shoot, 2x Half Tamago, Nori Seaweed, Naruto Maki & Spring Onion.

Uzumaki Ramen

As Little Naruto likes it!

With Tonkotsu Miso Broth, Single Portion Chashu Pork, Single Portion Menmma Bamboo Shoot, 1x Half Tamago, Naruto Maki & Spring Onion.

Halal Naruto Ramen

Exactly as Naruto likes it with a Halal Twist!

With EXTRA Shiitake Miso Broth, DOUBLE Chashu Chicken, DOUBLE Menmma Bamboo Shoot, 2x Half Tamago, Nori Seaweed, Naruto Maki & Spring Onion.

Halal Uzumaki Ramen

How Little Naruto likes it with a Halal Twist!

With Shiitake Miso Broth, Single Portion Chashu Chicken, Single Portion Menmma Bamboo Shoot, 1x Half Tamago, Naruto Maki & Spring Onion.


Join our Uzumaki Clan & get all the latest news & updates. 

Welcome to the Uzumaki Clan!

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Opening Hours:

Tue - Sat 11am - 11pm

***Kitchen Closes at 10pm

Sun 12pm - 10pm

***Kitchen Closes at 9pm


107 Great Russell Street

London, WC1B 3NA